Monday, 23 April 2018


Thank-you all for praying for our Songkran water party at the drop in centre. We were able to honour & bless the elders of the community & the parents/caregivers of the kids. We had 25 kids come from the community to have fun. Please pray that they continue to come during the days we are open. I am so thankful for our Thai staff/volunteers & our foreign staff. They did an amazing job!

Got a call today that my 1 year visa interview is tomorrow morning. Please pray that all goes well.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Fun With Water

Hi everyone. I would ask for your prayers. Sunday evening my time we will be having a Songkran (Thai New Year) water party at our drop in centre for our community kids. I am hopeful that their parents/family members/caregivers also come.
I have noticed a change in the community over the last few months. Many of the men & women are high on drugs when I am walking in & out of the community. One of our kids grandmother's both times I have seen her this week has been high. I am thankful that her grandfather I have never seen high. I think drug use is increasing. Please pray for our kids, their families & the community.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A Prayer for Healing

Hi Everyone. I want to give a little info about the drop in centre. Great news was that last Sunday evening I was very sick & not able to open the drop in centre. But, my female staff & a Thai Christian volunteer was able to open the centre & be there for the kids. 

The challenges we are facing is that one of the old lady's in the community that lives next to our drop has chronic headaches & is yelling at the kids if they are any louder than a quiet conversation. I have talked to her when the drop in has not been open & asked if I could place my hand near her head & pray for her. First she looked at me what looked with some sadness saying "no thank-you." But weeks later I asked again when we were having a nice normal conversation & she said no in frustration. Please join with me in praying that Jesus would heal this lady's chronic headaches. 

Also we are approaching the Thai New Year, Songkran the "Thai Water Festival." This means that many of the kids are not able to come when we are opened because they have to help their parents make products to sell at the many Thai markets. Many of the kids parents have small stalls selling to the tourists & only have free labour, their kids. Reality of a poor family trying to make a living.  

I also have my foreign female staff leaving for 3 months & thankfully have a new temporary foreign female staff coming for 3 months. Please pray for that this lady would be a good team member & the transition for the kids would be smooth.

Please pray for the two Thai volunteers that have been able to work with us off & on for the last month. Please pray that they would be able to volunteer regularly (that their work schedules would not be constantly changing) with us & that we would be able to develop a small working program for the kids. 

Reality of Life Overseas

I ask that you join us in prayer for more monthly donations. The reality of living overseas on donations is the daily fluctuations of world currency's. When we arrived in Thailand almost 5 years ago the Canadian dollar had months of 33 Thai Baht, but usually settled at 32 Thai Baht. The value of the Canadian dollar has been declining ever since & this year we the value dropped as low as 23.4 Thai Baht, but has settled in the 24 Baht range. This means that the Canadian dollar has lost almost 1/3 of it's value in Thai Baht, meaning things become much more expensive.

Please pray for us & if you feel led to support us financially to please look at the "Support Us" section on the right side of our blog.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

A Safe Day

I had a bit of a crazy day, meaning my plans changed in a hurry. I started the day having a really good conversation with Teresa about personality, character & God. She brought it up with the Bible being the centre & both of us bringing our interpretations to each other. It was really fun & have missed these conversations. Teresa does a great job of sharpening me & helps me better articulate what I think about the life I live as a Christian & hope that I do the same for her. 

I then went to the LPG (liquid propane gas) station to fill up my car. This is when things changed in a hurry. As the car was filling the station attendant noticed propane gas rushing out of a valve on my tank (see picture). He stopped the gas & we pushed the car away from the station in the shade under some trees. I had to wait almost 2 hours until the LPG stopped rushing out of the tank. During this time Jesus & I had a great conversation which started with me asking that my car would not blow up & that everyone would be save. When most of the LPG was out of the tank I turned the petrol on, started the car & went for a drive with the trunk opened, the back seats folded down & all the windows down to air out the car before arriving home. The last of the LPG to empty out of the tank took another 5 hours.

I then continued to personally address more envelopes to mail you all our "spring newsletter." As I have been addressing each envelope I have been praying for the names/families on each envelope. I will have them completed by the end of the week & you all should receive them in a months time. 

A good day that included, expectation/plan adjustments, great conversations, prayer, faith, safety, personal growth, & thankfulness.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Wanting to Help

I usually come hours early to the drop in centre to mop, clean & prepare for opening. The adults smile when they see me & the kids beg me to let them in. The boys want to help me mop, clean & prepare for opening. I have found out that they want to help because they like it & want to have a few extra minutes with me before the other 10's of kids come. I am always a little saddened to have to tell them that they cannot come in because another leader needs to be present, but know it is a great thing for everyone to have these boundaries. These boys do not have a father around & want to experience a kind loving dad. This is the role many have given me at the centre, "a father to the fatherless."

We had 3 mothers stop by to be part of the children's activities. It's nice to be able to make connections & know the kids parents/guardians & siblings.

Also the kids took us (me & a Thai female who helps once a week) to see their homes & visit their families. One of the boy's father was happy to see us & shared that he is a Christian & his wife was not. He welcomed us to come again in the future & hope to be able to do so.